Ramsgate business that started in a garden shed celebrates 60th anniversary – The Isle Of Thanet News

Paul, Ken and George Goodfellow in 1991

A Ramsgate circuit board company that started out in a garden shed in Minnis Bay celebrates its 60th anniversary today (March 20).

Minnitron Ltd, one of the oldest PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturers in the UK, was established by George Goodfellow.

George was a natural entrepreneur and inventor whose hobby was racing small remote control boats and planes. They were often damaged and expensive to repair. So he created a machine capable of printing miniature PCBs. News traveled quickly among his peers and he was also called upon to solve their problems.

With his natural skills as an engineer, he quickly gained a reputation as the go-to person and “Minitron” was born in 1962.

Grandson Paul Goodfellow, who now runs the business, said: ‘Grandfather had his electrical shop in Birchington which sold televisions and radios and he had a good knowledge of electricity.

“My dad Ken worked for a company that made circuit boards, so he passed that knowledge on to my grandfather, and my grandfather started building the boards.”

The family business grew rapidly and his son Ken, a chemical engineer working for Amphenol, had the skills to join Minnitron.

Ken grew the business into a reputable manufacturer and rivaled the big boys in the industry. Manufacturing in the UK was growing rapidly in the 1980s and Minnitron took full advantage of this and expanded its business by investing in advanced technology. The company was later joined by grandson Paul.

Paul grew up working in the family business and wanted to create internal systems that would allow Minnitron to compete with overseas suppliers who were decimating the UK manufacturing industry. especially in electronics. Minnitron wanted to gain an edge on fast delivery and to this day has an excellent reputation for delivering on time.

The company employs 15 people and many of them are long-serving.

Paul said: “What is unique about us is that we have very good staff retention. Our staff have been with us for a long time, like Peter Green who has worked here for 47 years.

This is one of the secrets of the company’s longevity, the other evolves with the times.

Paul said: “We have adaptability, being able to change and evolve over time. The world has changed a lot in 60 years.

“We have built a strong business, supporting local businesses and local people with jobs.

“We couldn’t be happier to still be here and celebrating 60 years in any business is something to shout about, especially manufacturing.”

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