Peterborough Matters Tours: Van Hage Garden Center

Peterborough Matters were based at the Van Hage Garden Center this week and enjoyed the sunshine in the cafe before today’s cloudy weather fell.

We were lucky to have sunshine on Monday and it was clearly a busy place, with shoppers looking at pots and plants, new furniture sets and barbecues for spring.

The store has 40 staff and store manager Jude Fitzsimons said: “It was slow at the start of this year but now it’s picking up a bit.

“We don’t envision it being as busy as last year when we were the only people open as we were classed as an essential store.

“Gardening is doing much better than before, so people have definitely caught the bug. For a lot of people over the past two years, it was the only thing they could do.”

The Peterborough One Retail Park site also hosts entertainment/leisure in the form of Angle Axe, Hebden School of Dancing and Inspired Martial Arts, while the latest addition is MyBaby, which opened last month.

The various shops have a Whatsapp group in the park to share offers and what is happening,

Plus, every Sunday, Peterborough One Retail Park hosts a traditional garage sale.

The park has won several awards, including the Revo Gold Award for ‘Best out-of-town retail scheme in the UK’, with an Aldi nearby – and a KFC for those in the mood to indulge.

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The Peterborough Matters team are moving to various locations around the city, with visits to Peterborough Cathedral in the coming weeks. We will always promise to drink and eat plenty during our stay.

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