I work at Olive Garden

A member of Olive Garden’s STAFF has revealed the simple trick to make your breadstick order online taste as good as eating in.

Posting on Reddit, the employee shared his knowledge of the chain’s famous breadsticks.


The Olive Garden staff member shared some company secrets on Reddit

The original post asked, “If I ordered a takeout order, would it come with breadsticks?”

In response, the kind member of staff who posts as Boonie420 gave a helpful little tip.

They said, “Yes, it is. Bit of a tip, I work here. Ask for butter and garlic salt on the side.

“The breadsticks are fresher. Not that they aren’t already.”

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Another user added that to make breadsticks even better, customers should “reheat” them after delivery.

And a third redditor recommended “trying zuppa toscana soup” as the perfect complement to the famous breadsticks.

Olive Garden specializes in Italian-American cuisine and was founded in 1982.

Recently, we revealed how to get the best value at Olive Garden, including ordering items from a secret menu.

Hungry visitors have the option of customizing meals to their liking when ordering at the popular restaurant.

And last month, another employee revealed a secret recipe to users on social media as readers quizzed him about life at the chain.