Garden art blooms again –

Simon Algra and Julie Tomlinson admired ‘Apostle Birds’ by Wilkesdale artist Tony Adams, which won 2nd prize in this year’s Garden Art competition

April 26, 2022

The pandemic has definitely taken a toll on Wondai’s garden art exhibit over the past two years, but it hasn’t knocked it out.

The Wondai Garden Expo 2022 art competition – currently on display at the Wondai Art Gallery – has returned to full size with three galleries of artwork and a crowd on the opening night.

The annual Garden Expo art competition is sponsored by the Wondai Garden Expo committee.

It offers $1,000 in cash prizes – $900 for adults and a $100 prize pool for three age categories of children, as well as art materials for preschool participants.

The main criterion for the competition is that the works must reflect some aspect of gardening in the South Burnett, and it is always a very popular event.

Gallery curator Elaine Madill said she was very impressed with the entries for this year’s competition and congratulated all the artists who entered.

This year’s judging was done by Mundubbera artist Sue Lederhose.

She said the wide range of styles and media made it quite difficult to judge and congratulated both the Gallery and the artists who participated.

Floral art fans have just a week left to see this year’s entries, which cover everything from acrylics to oils, watercolors to charcoals and sculptures to pottery.

This year’s Garden Art exhibition will be taken down at the end of April so that the Gallery’s next monthly exhibition can be hung before it officially opens on Friday 6 May.

Gallery patron Ros Heit said she was impressed with the high standard of works in this year’s competition

* * *

Artist Robyn Dower has been highly praised for her ‘Barbed Nest’ sculpture, which curator Elaine Madill said she plans to buy
A sad note on opening night was that longtime gallery supporters Judy and Bernie Cooper of Cranes Winery – who were providing the night’s wine tastings – bid farewell to the gallery…the couple said goodbye. announced that he will be retiring shortly and moving to Toowoomba, and their new owners of the property have no intention of continuing to operate it as a winery

* * *

Wondai Garden Expo 2022 Art Competition Winners

Adults (18 years and over)

  • 1st – Colleen Helmore with “Azalea Aura”
    Judge’s Comments: A beautifully soft and emotive work of art, full of a wide range of lost and found values ​​and edges with dramatic use of color.
  • 2nd – Tony Adams with “Bird Apostle”
    Judge’s Comments: An eye-catching piece using a range of whites and blacks to create movement and drama. Great use of positive and negative space and a hint of color for the focal area.
  • 3rd – Yvonne Imil with “Gum Nuts”
    Judge’s Comments: Nice bark work with good use of diagonals to create movement and lots of detail.
  • Highly Recommended: Robyn Dower with “Barbed Nest”
    Judge’s Comments: It is always a pleasure to see Robyn’s innovative work.
  • Congratulations: Pam Ettridge with “the gardener’s friend”
    Judge’s comments: A consistently eye-catching, well-designed and executed mosaic.
  • Commendation: Maureen B. Irving with “Dragonfly on leaf”
    Judge’s Comments: Good use of complementary colors and design.

Children (4 to 6 years old)

  • 1st – Gemma Quirke with “Me myself”

Children (7 to 12 years old)

  • 1st – Addison Cooke with “Light of Life”
  • 2nd – Kieron Lee Cobbo with “Daisy Pot”
  • 3rd – Alison Baldwin with “Sunset Garden”

Children (13 to 17 years old)

  • 1st – Emily Warry with “Harriet and Herbee”

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