Creations by Kali, Petitti Garden Center, Avalon Exchange and more

Funky candle dog treats, five Cleveland Magazine editors and staff members share some of their favorite finds.

Abigail Archer, Associate Artistic Director
Plants from Gale’s Garden Center ($7), planters from Petitti Garden Center ($12 and $15)
I love the bright, springtime energy these plants bring to my living space, and the pots are a perfect neutral complement to the fresh green. Gale’s Garden Center has a cozy greenhouse atmosphere with a ton of affordable plant options ranging from exotic and rare finds to beginners, and Petitti Garden Center always has all the accessories I need for my growing plant collection. These small potted plants are the perfect size to keep on your home office or kitchen counter to brighten up the room without taking up too much space.,

Kali's creations

Becky Boban, Editorial Assistant

Kali’s Creations Tea Tree & Rosemary Soap Bar ($6)
After listening to Khalilah Williams describe her delicious swirl soap, I knew I wanted to try one of her creations. I opted for the Tea & Rosemary bar because the wintery Northeast Ohio weather makes fun of my skin every year. What I wasn’t ready to fall in love with was the clean, citric scent of the turmeric and lemongrass heart-shaped sample – which will probably be my next purchase from Kali’s.

Avalon Exchange

Henry Palattella, Associate Editor

Avalon Exchange Jacket ($25)
I’m working on stepping up my layering game, and this jacket is the first step in what will hopefully be a fireproof jacket. Found at one of northeast Ohio’s best thrift stores, its corduroy exterior (with a lined interior) allows it to do double duty as an extra layer in cold weather or as the last part of a spring adjustment.

Atomic Mandarin

Maria Serra, digital editor and events coordinator

Atomic Tangerine Pink Crochet Top ($55) and Funky Candles ($15)
Based in Youngstown, Atomic Tangerine is the one stop shop for all your crochet needs. Artist Alison Green is an advocate for slow fashion and, in addition to sharing her art, uses her platforms to promote sustainable fashion. I am personally obsessed with the pink crochet crop top I bought from her. (I know, I know… we live in Cleveland, so I have a small window to wear it – but I look great doing it!) With her own crochet tops, sweaters, scarves, hats and bags, she makes also adorable perfect candles to add a funky touch to your shelf, dresser etc. Trust me when I say, I have one of his candles in every room of my apartment. Not only do I appreciate Green’s art, but I love the philosophy behind it. You can visit her on her website, Etsy page, and Instagram profile.

Spoiled dog boss

Dillon Stewart, Editor

Spoiled Dog Boss Organic Pork Bark Dog Treats ($9)
We love to spoil our pup, but unfortunately the Milk Bones make our little dog sick. Luckily, she loves treats from this Willoughby-based maker that’s dedicated to great ingredients. Sushi loves treats made with pork rind, pineapple, turmeric, pepper and organic pork heart, liver and kidney. We always pick them up at Terrestrial Brewing Co’s Sunday Doggy Brunch.