Cool Plant Shops in Vancouver

Want to live a tropical adventure without leaving Vancouver?

Nature is beautiful, and while you won’t encounter a jungle in the city, Vancouver has a few plant stores that come close. Here are the coolest plant shops in town, from wild to whimsical.

Jungle toilet

This plant shop is ultra-modern, ultra aesthetic and ultra-green. Almost like a plant gallery, the airy, minimalist feel of this store serves as the perfect backdrop for its cool plant-framed mirror.

Where: 225 E Broadway

bud leis

More flower-oriented, this shop is a flowery oasis that looks like a small garden. Want to stop and smell the roses? There’s a comfy swing in store for your convenience (and pictures)!

Address: 2202 West 4th Avenue

Avelyne Florist

This shop adds plants to every item in the shop; moss balls and pots hanging from a tree-branch chandelier, unexpected accessories balancing potted plants among regular racks and shelves, and a cherry blossom tree towering over the store. It’s really cool.

Address: 67 E Cordoba St

GG Flowers on Hand

This cozy nook has quirky decor to go along with the greenery, from glass, stone, and clay goblets covering shelves to detailed stone pots and wooden cabinets. It’s like entering the house of a good witch.

Address: 4347 Main Street

Bita Florist

Plant shop outside, jungle inside. The space is filled with plants – pots on shelves and floors, shrubs hanging from the ceiling, greenery climbing up the walls. There are plants no matter where you look, and it’s a sight worth seeing. Watch the TikTok below for a preview!

Address: 247 W Broadway

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