Chase Center, home of the Golden State Warriors, adds a new plant-based restaurant

The Green House, a new restaurant at the Chase Center in San Francisco, offers a range of plant-based food products through a collaboration with food technology company Future Farm.

The greenhouse

Sporting events have been known to sell (overpriced) hot dogs and hamburgers at the concession stand, but these offerings are slowly diversifying, thanks to the plant-based “meat” craze.

The Chase Center in San Francisco, home of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, has opened one of the league’s first plant-based restaurants, called The Green House. It’s located at Portal 56 in the upper arena lobby, and it sells everything from a herbal sub and meatballs to a portobello banh mi. Other options include a vegan burger, spicy potato tacos, and an alternating selection of salads. Prices range from around $12 to $15 per item.

The plant-based “meat” is provided by Future Farm, a Brazilian food technology company launched in 2019. Future Farm’s products are made with soybeans, peas, chickpeas and “other plant-based ingredients. non-GMO plants, according to one company. Press release. Its main offerings are Future Burger, Future Beef, Future Meatballs and Future Sausage. And there could be more selections along the way. The company notes, “The US market can expect the brand’s continued innovations to span multiple meat, poultry, fish and dairy offerings.

I had the chance to sample Future Farm produce at The Green House at a press event this week. You can see me react trying these samples in the video below.

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Golden State Warriors and Future Farm team up to sell…


For starters, reuben had a unique, softer texture, as well as a lighter flavor compared to its animal counterpart. But that could be a good thing if you’d rather not have something super meaty. The Future Burger also seemed to lean more towards a veggie burger than the meat of a Beyond or Impossible Burger. But again, I think it’s a good thing if you’d rather not have a pancake that it looks like it’s bleeding. Overall it was a good burger and I liked it.


The plant based meatball sub was my favorite.

The greenhouse

My favorite was the meatball sub, which could have totally fooled me if I didn’t know it was plant-based. The taste and texture were perfect, and you can’t go wrong with a delicious sauce and bread to top it all off.

In the United States, the plant-based food scene is largely dominated by impossible foods and Beyond meatwho sell everything meatless burgers for chicken for pork. Other companies sell vegetable bacon, fried chicken and prawnswith the aim of attracting eco-responsible and vegetarian or vegan consumers.