An indie-focused food hall will launch in Welwyn Garden City next year

The Wheat Quarter development aims to breathe new life into the central but once industrial area of ​​the Hertfordshire city by introducing a new modern centre, as well as acting as an incubator for local small businesses and independent entrepreneurs.

The space will be a “melting pot of kitchens under one roof,” spilling into outdoor spaces and glass-enclosed atriums. Visitors can expect between four and six self-catering kitchens, a cafe and a bar serving local and British craft beers along with a selection of wines and cocktails.

The site’s former 120ft grain silos will house a cocktail bar called Falcon Bar and the development will also house an art house cinema.

Throughout The Wheat Quarter there will be co-working spaces and galleries for local artists and students to exhibit their work.

“It is such an honor to bring this incredible building back to life in such a dynamic and relevant way. For years people have walked, driven or taken the train past this iconic site and know it will be part of their future in a place where they can enjoy and create memories,” says John West, co-owner of The Wheat Quarter .

“Bringing life and energy back to Welwyn has always been central to our vision for the Wheat District, and why we bought the site. I want the best for the area and by creating this entertainment hub we are bringing something something that is missing and that our young residents need in particular. We will offer jobs and opportunities to young people, and above all, all on a brownfield site whose development will have no impact on the green fabric or the heritage elements of our town. “