13 flowers you can eat from your garden

Roses are a flower par excellence, synonymous with romance and beauty! Beyond their beauty, many roses are edible and are a mainstay of Middle Eastern, Chinese, and Indian cuisines (via WebMD). Rose flower is extremely aromatic and colorful, which lends itself well to jams and cakes.

Roses are incredibly nutritious: they contain vitamin C, iron and calcium, among other things. Rose petals are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, important plant chemicals that are extremely beneficial to humans. Perhaps that’s why rose tea is considered a source of vital energy according to traditional Chinese culture (via WebMD). Among the latest trends in rose tea are rose lattes like the one pictured above.

There are many varieties of roses and therefore the flavor can vary, although the overall flavor of the rose can be described as having a subtle floral taste. New York-based French florist Ode à la Rose suggests straying from bolder red rose varieties and opting instead for white or yellow varieties for a stronger flavor.

To add a particularly deep touch to the Sunday breakfast table, why not whip up some whipped rose butter? Most rose butter recipes, like the one concocted by Salt and Spices, do so by infusing the airy goodness with rose syrup. The previously mentioned Ode à la Rose florist dresses up rose butter and even recommends taking freshly harvested rose petals, chopping them up, and infusing them directly with the butter.