Venetian Meats opens new retail store at Stoney Creek factory

The Hamilton salami saga is finally over now that Venetian Meats has opened a new retail store at its Stoney Creek location.

The city has been without Venetian place of sale since the longtime meat processing business moved from Burlington Street near Gage Avenue and Barton Street in September 2021.

Venetian announced the reopening of its retail store on March 1 — 65 years after the company began curing hot Genoa salami and other products at its Burlington Street processing plant.

In 2015, the company began looking for a new facility with more space for production and more staff.

However, municipal red tape and planning delays stalled the construction of their new 38,000 square foot factory, forcing even the family business to consider leaving town.

Many Hamilton restaurants are happy to have stayed. Their decades-old “cup and char” pepperoni recipe has kickstarted a pizza renaissance at local pizzerias.

Hamiltonians can find everything they need to make a charcuterie platter and more — all Venetian meat and salami products, plus cheese and preserves — at 1119 Barton St. in Stoney Creek.

The new storefront opens at 8 a.m. Monday through Saturday, closes at 6 p.m. weekdays and 4 p.m. Saturday.