Oxford planning roundup: Covid vaccine trial centre, beer garden and ATM

PLANS for Oxford researchers to expand the use of their ‘temporary’ Covid vaccine trial centre, a pub to keep its beer garden and a hairdresser to become a home, are just a few highlights of the overview of this week’s planning.

Covid vaccine trial site

Oxford Covid vaccine researcher at Churchill Hospital. Pennsylvania

Planning reference: 22/00785/FUL

Planning permission which means two ‘temporary’ buildings can be used for Covid-19 vaccine trials from Oxford to Churchill Hospital expired on February 3.

Researchers from the University of Oxford have asked Oxford City Council to renew the permit for the next two years, so they can continue their work which they say will be completed by 2023.

The university’s planning officer, Rebecca Horley, described the site as “integral”.

She said: “Given the continued prevalence of the pandemic, the need for continued use of the site is critical.

After the research, the developers say that the land will be restored to the state it was before.

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The White Rabbit Beer Garden

Oxford Mail: The White Rabbit, Oxford.The White Rabbit, Oxford.

Planning repository: 22/00672/VAR

The White Rabbit, on Friar’s Entry in Oxford city centre, has applied for planning permission to retain its beer garden which was once a car park.

He already has beer garden furniture, fences and umbrellas, but he needs permission to keep them.

Also in the app is a note about a door on the ground floor to access the beer garden and changing the hours of use to be 10am-11pm all week.

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‘Rundown’ hair salon on Cowley Road

Oxford Mail: plans to turn the hairdresser at 17 Cowley Road into a residential property.Plans to turn the hairdresser at 17 Cowley Road into a residential property.

Planning reference: 22/00730/FUL

Plans have been submitted to convert a ‘dilapidated’ hairdresser on Cowley Road into a residential property.

Chameleon Unisex Hairdressers at 17 Cowley Road could do with a complete overhaul with works such as raising the ground level of the front area, new electrical installations, new toilets and showers and a new space kitchen.

The developers also want to add a new facade of hollow brick walls, which would match the neighbors at No 19, with an access window and door, and new French doors are to be fitted to give access to the garden.

ATM on Horspath Road

Oxford Mail: Permission sought for an existing ATM in a corner store on Horspath Road.  Credit: Google MapsPermission requested for an existing ATM in a corner store on Horspath Road. Credit: Google Maps

Planning reference: 22/00723/FUL

A cashzone ATM has already been installed to the right of the entrance to the Daudhar store, but the company retrospectively had to apply for a building permit.

The vocation of the ATM is to allow cash withdrawals 24 hours a day.

The developers say the area where the ATM has been installed is well lit and open to pedestrian view “facilitating natural surveillance” and that there is also CCTV.

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